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The World Famous Fountain!

The center piece of Fountain Hills, Arizona is the World Famous Fountain which at one time was the world’s tallest! (Now that claim belongs to a fountain in Saudi Arabia).

The World Famous Fountain!


The Fountain serves as the backdrop for a wide variety of community events and the 64 acre park that surrounds the fountain is always buzzing with activity. Fountain Park is a favorite site for wedding photo shoots, birthday parties and family picnics. Walkers admire the many pieces of public art that dot the 1.25 mile walking trail around the lake and the Frisbee golf course provides another fun park activity.

The fountain normally reaches 330 feet in height although on rare occasions all three pumps will be used to shoot water 560 feet upwards! To achieve these heights, the fountain uses a Swiss made nozzle weighing nearly a ton and more than seven feet in length.

The fountain “goes off” for 15 minutes on the hour, every hour between 9 am and 9 pm, although the Fountain Hills Town Council is considering expanding the operation for longer periods of time.

Fountain Park and the World Famous Fountain are located along Saguaro Blvd between El Lago Drive and Palisades Blvd. Noted below are events scheduled for September at the park.

  • Ballet in the Park, Thursday the 20th of September 
  • Movie in the Park, (Dr. Suess’ The Lorax) on Saturday the 22 of September 
  • Oktoberfest, September 28 & 29

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Fountain Hills Homes with Pools and Swimming Pool Safety

Today there are 134 homes for sale in Fountain Hills, Arizona with private swimming pools*. A pool is a desirable feature as it can provide a beautiful focal point for the home as well as a fun, cooling break from the Arizona heat.

Unfortunately, now that summer is here, we see news headlines noting unfortunate accidents involving children who find their way into a pool and drown.

Swimming alone or without adult supervision leads to many drownings. The first rule of owning a swimming pool is, NEVER leave a child unobserved near a pool; keep an eye on children AT ALL TIMES! Further, older children should be instructed to watch out for younger children and there should always be a designated “pool watcher”, especially at events where there are many people enjoying the pool and the areas around it.

As a homeowner with a private pool, Arizona law requires you to entirely enclose the pool area with a barrier at least five feet high, measured from the outside of the barrier. Further, if the home is part of the barrier, there must be a barrier of at least four feet in height between the home and the pool.

Read the Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) 36-1681 for complete understanding of the requirements. Also note that individual municipalities and counties have different pool barrier requirements. Check with the local government to see if there are requirements more stringent than the Arizona Statute.

For more information about pool safety and enclosure requirements go to the following link, .

Many homes for sale in Fountain Hill, AZ include a beautiful swimming pool!

Other important rules concerning pool use include,

  • Don’t allow running or horseplay on the pool deck, which can be slippery.
  • Keep toys and pets away from the pool so children are not enticed to go nearer the pool edge and possibly fall into the pool.
  • Keep basic lifesaving equipment near the pool. A pole, a rope or life preserver are recommended.
  • Know CPR.
  • NEVER mix alcohol or drugs with swimming.

One other important piece of information to remember, Arizona law requires when selling a home with a swimming pool, seller must provide to the buyer the Residential Pool Safety Notice document from the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Pools are meant to be beautiful and provide fun for family and friends! Please feel free to leave a comment about swimming pools by clicking on the line; Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog!

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*Search of Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service, June 15, 2012.


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