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Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Wait a moment… this is a financial decision.

Do not think of it as your home. It is an asset. It is property. It is real estate, and you are preparing to do business which should culminate in selling this asset, this piece of real estate, at a profit.  Among those you will be competing with as you work to sell your house (not home) will be homebuilders. You should take a cue from how they go about the business of selling.

It is not personal, it is a business. Decisions are made to better market the home to prospective buyers. The marketing person and the sales person for the builder are deliberately helping the prospective buyer “see themselves living in their new home” (not house).

You need to allow prospective home buyers see your house (asset) has their home, not yours.  Here is some advice on how to do that.


          · Put away the personal photos
          · Clear your counter and vanity tops
          · Make the entry spotlessly clean (exterior and interior)
          · Clean the windows and let as much light in the house as possible
          · Have the house smell good
          · Make sure the kitchen is sparkling clean
          · And the baths too
          · Walls need to look good, if needed, repair sheetrock and paint a neutral color


The things that make your house a home to you, could very well be the things that keep a buyer from buying. You may tell someone you want to sell, but your actions may tell them it will be hard for you and they may not want to be the one that makes you leave the place you love.

Of course, the price you ask for the property is an important key, but that is for another blog piece.


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Welcome to John Eberle’s Fountain Hills Real Estate Blog

Welcome to my web log (blog) for Fountain Hills AZ Home Sales.

I hope to provide useful information on buying, selling and building homes in Fountain Hills, Arizona and the surrounding area.

I have fourteen plus years in real estate as a new home sales person, sales manager and Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for a regional builder located in three cities, Albuquerque, Houston and Phoenix.

In the past year I decided to put my skills to work as a licensed REALTOR® and began the business of selling homes with the Artisan Real Estate Group, LLC.

Artisan Real Estate Group is a well recognized residential and commercial brokerage in the Phoenix metro-area. This brokerage has the knowledge, resources and experience to address any circumstance a home buyer or seller may encounter.

In this blog I will, of course, post information specific to real estate in Fountain Hills, but I also intend to write about the community and the events that make Fountain Hills a special and wonderful place to live. I will also make occasional comments and post articles on the state and national real estate market. Knowledge is key to success, so understanding what is occurring around us is incredibly important to making good decisions.

This is my first post for Fountain Hills Home Sales.

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